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Stand Out has put together some tips to help you decide which agency to approach


There are many modeling agencies in the UK, but not all of them have a good reputation within the modeling industry. Stand Out has put together some tips to help you decide which agency to approach and which modeling agencies to best avoid. We also take a look at some of the more serious issues facing the modeling industry.


Stand Out is a model agency which develops long term working relationships with its models. Most models who sign with Stand Out stay with us for a number of years. Stand Out are proud to say we have never had a model that has not been paid for an assignment they have undertaken through us. Neither has the agency ever been the subject of any bad press. We have a very high satisfaction rate among clients who book models through us, and word of mouth recommendations play an important part in the success we have had within the industry.

The agency receives regular briefs from companies looking to book models for a range of modeling work (see past and recent campaigns to get a feel for the type of assignments we undertake). There is no fixed pattern for the kind of work we receive. It can vary from one assignment to the next, but we make sure to keep in touch with our models through newsletters and emails. We believe it is our approach to promotion and management services that sets Stand Out apart from our competitors. As a modeling agency, Stand Out is constantly adapting to a continually changing environment, and it is our models who gain the most from our forward thinking approach.

The modeling industry is subject to a lot of controversy and, unfortunately, this inevitably has a negative impact on good modeling agencies too. Here, Stand Out talks openly about some of the issues and challenges that face the modeling industry today.


Discrimination against models of a certain race, size or age remains an issue within the modeling industry. As a commercial modelling agency, Stand Out proudly represents all of its models, regardless of their age, ethnicity or size. How else would we cater for the diverse set of demands we get from companies wanting to book our models. Unfortunately, other model agencies continue to discriminate against models based on their age, ethnicity or size. This article looks at the issue of discrimination against models from certain ethnic backgrounds.
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The size zero controversy is well publicised and model agencies have been heavily criticised for encouraging girls to be unnaturally thin, and sometimes causing the development of eating disorders. Stand Out is firmly against this practice and has an alliance with a weight loss consultant that seeks to provide results in a controlled and measured environment through exercise and healthy eating.


Even high profile model agencies have been reported to lead young girls into a lifestyle where sex and drugs are prevalent. Stand Out does not tolerate any activity that would compromise the position of trust we have with our models, and the parents of those we promote.

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Model agencies are not permitted to charge models upfront fees to promote models for fashion and photographic assignments under UK law.

Our advice is to choose a model agency on recommendation if possible and to research the model agency carefully.


No agency should guarantee work as it is the agency's clients, not the agency itself, which makes the decision to book models. Therefore, our advice is to go with a modelling agency that prioritises the needs of the companies who are looking to book models ahead of the need to sign new models. Of course, a good model agency will strike an effective balance between the two, but there are some tell-tale signs that you should look out for. Here are our tips on avoiding unscrupulous model agencies:

  • Did you approach the agency, or did the agency approach you? Maybe you were approached in the street or applied to an advert in a local newspaper to attend an audition? Though there is nothing unusual about being scouted, be cautious of a model agency which actively seeks models by holding auditions in hotels. The more established modeling agencies already have a pool of models on their books and would not need to advertise for models. An agency which does recruit models through advertising is likely to be either a less established modelling agency looking to build up their name and talent base, or an agency which is more focused on signing new models than they are interested in promoting the models they already have on their books.
  • How did the model agency sound to you? Again, good model agencies will make a sizeable effort to sign models as the models represent the quality of service they can offer their clients. However, if a model agency paints too glossy a picture of your chances of success, or is over complementary about your looks (as flattering as it may be), they may not be being entirely honest. Good model agents understand that the business is both competitive, and speculative, and will be realistic with you without sounding too negative! Also, good agencies will be busy working on assignments. This means that not hearing from a model agency is not necessarily a sign that they are not interested. Again, the model should exercise caution when an agent pressures a model to sign with the agency, or is too quick to accept a model onto their books.

Despite all the issues raised above, it is our belief that you generally regret the things you don't do in life as opposed to the things you do. So, do not let this dampen your hopes! Instead, be realistic about your chances of success in a competitive and speculative industry and ask yourself whether you are really serious and committed about following this path.


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